Branson: ha egy épületben 50-70 embernél többen dolgoznak, elvesztik identitástudatukat.
Kiváló vezetők : rövidítve. In: Korszerű Vezetés 29 (1997) 3 p. 48-56.

GM Info Consulting provides

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Papers and abstracts in English

Information consultancy

GM Info Consulting provides strategic information and analysis for successful decisions. Seeks information on the web, databases and via telephone.

  • strategic information and analysis for successful decisions
  • seeks information on the web, databases and via telephone
  • saves time and search expences for its clients



Some papers and abstracts in English

  • Survey of organizational culture and leadership behaviour in three Hungarian public libraries – Hungarian libraries need competitive management, 2016
  • Heterogene information sources – how the open and fee based information sources strenghten each other, 2015
  • Power distance and institutional collectivism – Predicting competitiveness with text analysis, 2013
  • Extracting competitive cultural orientations made from executive officer’s narratives 2011 (PhD-theses in English)
  • Information Consulting – Guide to Good Practice  / Annie-Joan Olesen, Irene Wormell, Gábor Mikulás, 2011 (book)
  • Measuring predictive competitiveness of library managers from their narratives – a new approach (co-authored with Lilla Habók), 2011
  • The business of press monitoring, 2005
  • Internal or freelance broker of information? (Presentation, BOBCATSSS conference “Librarianship in the information age”, 31. Jan. – 2. Febr. 2005, Budapest)
  • [Slowly but unsurely – Contracting out in Hungarian municipal libraries] L’externalisation et les bibliotheques municipales hongroises : un développement lent et laborieux. (In: Externalisation et sous-traitance dans les services d’information : État des lieux et perspectives. – ADBS : Lyon, 2004
  • Marketing for information brokers, 2004
  • Railway documentation centre – an emerging asset (Presentation on conference of International Union of Railways (UIC), Documentation group, 17th June, 2004
  • From knowledge management to competitive intelligence, 2002
  • Part time students on the training of librarian information specialists, 1999
  • Collection management in Hungarian libraries – a review (Presentation on 5th BOBCATSSS Symposium, Budapest, 28th February, 1997)
  • Reengineering and information suppliers, 1997
  • Strategic management project works at the Library and Information Department of the Manchester University with David Kay, 1996