Az új-zélandi könyvtáraknak nincsen nagy költségvetésük, de vannak elképzeléseik.
Studying progressive libraries : an adventure in New Zeland / John Stanley, Fiona Emberton. In: Marketing Library Services 19 (2005 Mar/April)

Higher Quantity, Higher Quality? Current Publication Trends of the Most Productive Journal Authors on the Field of Communication Studies

1written by: Márton Demeter, Veronika Pelle, Gábor Mikulás & Manuel Goyanes. In: Publishing Research Quarterly (09 June 2022)

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to examine the publication trajectories of the most productive scholars in communication and media studies between 2015 and 2019. Based on the analysis of 1482 papers of the top-publishing one hundred communication scholars, we identified 126 Scopus-indexed journals in which leading scholars publish, and also examine the main publication clusters. Our results suggest that amongst the most productive authors, quantity does not go to the detriment of quality as the most prolific scholars usually publish in the most prestigious journals of the field. Besides defining thematic clusters, we also identified the most important networks of journals that are the most popular amongst prolific researchers.