„Ki a fene akarja hallani a színészek beszédét?” 1927., a hangosfilm kapcsán
Kétkedések története : pesszimista jóslatok, győztes technika / Schweitzer András. In: Heti Világgazdaság (2000. dec. 2.) p. 81-82

Reengineering and information suppliers

In: Tudományos és Műszaki Tájékoztatás (1997) 6, Fulltext in Hungarian: Újjáalakítás (reengineering) információs és könyvtári szolgáltatásokban

A substantial attention has been paid in the mid-nineties to reengineering of organizations which is also a challenge for information suppliers. The significant growth of interest in this field is proved by the result of a literature search. The fundamentals of the discipline are not new, its every elements are known from the past. The novelty is that this kind of combination of the methodological elements has never appeared yet. The author discusses the basic principles, elements and steps of reengineering. He considers the effects of its introduction, and proposes ways of the application of reengineering processes in information supplier organizations.