A hibák elkövetése nem a főnök privilégiuma.
Maurice’s management maxims / Mauriuce B. Line. In: Library Management 20 (1999) 1

Marketing for information brokers

In: Tudományos és Műszaki Tájékoztatás (2004) 12, Fulltext in Hungarian: Marketing információbrókereknek

The article provides marketing approaches and practices primarily for independent information professionals. The following main elements of the marketing practice are presented: getting to know the information marketplace, identifying its segments, and adopting the concept of sales orientation, quality management and ongoing service development. Based on practical recommendations from experienced information brokers, the author offers an overview of information services tailored to various segments of the information market. Topics include the diverse information needs, the selection criteria of information brokers, the models and tools of service quality development, as well as the processes of service development.